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Peacock’s Alibi

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My latest novel, “Peacock’s Alibi”, will be published by Polygon in March 2018. I have a series of events coming up, which I will post soon. In the meantime, here is a review of the book from The Independent, who have picked it as their #1 recommendation of the upcoming Scottish Novels for this year:

April events with Stuart David

We’re excited to announce a set of special events coming (very) soon, where Stuart will be talking all things Belle & Sebastian and In the All-Night Café.

Thursday 16th April, 6pm – Waterstones Edinburgh West End
Stuart David in conversation with Vic Galloway
Tickets £5/3 – redeemable against purchase of the book at the event.
Info: 0131 226 2666/
Tickets available on the door at no extra charge

Friday 17th, 7.30pm – Waterstones Glasgow Sauchiehall Street
Stuart David in conversation with Ian Rankin
Tickets £5/3 – redeemable against purchase of the book at the event.
Info: 0141 332 9105/
Tickets available on the door at no extra charge

Wednesday 22nd April – Monorail Music, Glasgow
Members of Belle & Sebastian in conversation about In the All-Night Café

Thursday 23rd April, 7pm – Waterstones Trafalgar Square
Stuart David in conversation about In The All-Night Café
Tickets £5/3 – redeemable against purchase of the book at the event.
Info: 020 7839 4411 or TicketScript

For more information about the Waterstones events, visit (scroll to the bottom of the page).

“Life Writing”

“In The All Night Cafe” is the seventh book I’ve written, but it’s my first non-fiction one- and I’m still a bit surprised at having done it.

It probably began with me studying for a degree with the Open University. I hadn’t been very well for a long time, and I was stuck at home- so I thought I’d do some Open University courses to pass the time. After doing a lot of reading and writing a lot of essays, I realised that if I did a creative writing course I could probably get some credits for a lot less studying, so I signed up for one.

It was mostly fiction writing, but there was one module in Life Writing, and I wrote a piece based on a visit a journalist had made to my house to interview me about Belle and Sebastian- and about how I couldn’t talk about the things I really wanted to talk about; how he kept guiding the conversation towards gossip and scandal.

I’d struggled to get above 75% in any of my academic writing, but although I’d been getting around 85% for my fiction, I got 92% for my Life Writing. And I’d enjoyed it. So it encouraged me to think about trying it again in the future.

I’d also been keeping a folder on my shelves called “Tigermilk” for a few years, adding notes to it occasionally of memories from that time, of things that had never been documented- mainly because we hadn’t done any Belle and Sebastian interviews at the beginning, when journalists would usually have asked us about that stuff.

So I thought one day it might make a book. It had become a luminous and cherished period of my life. But a few more things had to happen before I got around to actually trying to do it.

I’ll write about those things next time.

“Belle & Sebastian’s Formative Year”

The title of my memoir, at the moment, is “In The All Night Café”, with the subtitle- A Memoir Of Belle & Sebastian’s Formative Year.

Most introductory articles on Belle & Sebastian still begin, “Belle & Sebastian formed in an all night café in Glasgow in 1996,” so the title is a reference to that little myth.

I’ve chosen to cover a relatively short period of time in the book. From Winter 1994 until Spring 1996. Just the undocumented and formative period of the band. I thought when I started writing that it all took place within one year, but checking old letters as I went along it’s a bit longer, so I might need a new subtitle now.

The book begins with the moment I decided to learn bass. I’d already been writing songs and leading bands for ten years before that, but my current band had been looking for a bass player for months without success, and it suddenly occurred to me that I could learn bass and give up guitar, because guitarists were much easier to find.

The memoir is really the story of how that decision changed everything for me- and it takes in the first two bands I played in with Stuart Murdoch- “Lisa Helps The Blind” and “Rhode Island”- and ends with the launch party for the first B&S album, “Tigermilk”.

Next time, I’ll write a little bit about how and why I started writing the memoir, and the strange coincidences that led to it finding a publisher.