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My Belle and Sebastian Memoir

Today, I handed in the manuscript for my Belle and Sebastian memoir, to the editor at Little Brown. I’m going to keep a blog here about its progress, for anyone who is interested in finding out more about the publishing process. I will be finding a lot of it out for the first time myself; I’ve never worked with an editor before, and I have no idea how much the book will be transformed by the process. I’ve come to understand recently that an editor’s role is a lot like the role of a record producer, and that a lot of what readers attribute to the writer is actually the work of the editor.

Apparently, Raymond Carver’s prose style was as much the creation of his editor as it was of Carver himself. There is a good article about that here:


So, this blog will hopefully give some insight into how the process works, as well as describing what has been involved in writing the book up until this point, how it came to find a publisher, and what the book is about. I hope you’ll find some of it interesting.